On Trying to Be An Adult

I’m eating beer for dinner.

photo (26)

Its been one of those weeks where I’m not sure where I’m at. So many things are happening around me. I know people who are engaged, I also know people who can’t find a job. I know people who are out seeing the world, I also know people who will live in their hometown for the rest of their life. Same bar, same barstool kinda deal.

For your childhood and teenage years you’re at a set pace with the rest. Everyone goes to elementary school, and later high school, and then hopefully college. Once graduation happens, though, all bets are off. I was lucky to have gotten a job two days after graduating from college. I’m lucky to have a true career in an industry I’m passionate about, and to live comfortably in a neighborhood I love. It still doesn’t give me answers.

Last week my grandpa asked, “What is your five year plan?” For someone who is type-A (almost to a fault), it was strange not to have an answer. I don’t know.

I don’t know.

Tonight I went food shopping to make a curry (summer squash– the last of it!– string beans, tofu, green curry paste, and coconut milk), and instead made a bowl of cereal with bananas and almond milk. The cereal ended up tasting like a cardboard box and SO here I am, drinking this Pumple Drumkin beer from Nantucket. No interest in making dinner.

Melissa Smith, the adult. Now raise your hand if you’re as confused as I am.


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2 Responses to On Trying to Be An Adult

  1. Ariel Hammond says:

    Hand raised! It’s all part of the ride though. Just caught up on all your summer posts, loved it!

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