A happy belated 24th and 3rd birthday to myself and this little blog, respectively. Let’s enjoy some strawberry shortcake together. Blame sharp turns and a back seat spot for the smushed part, but still completely delicious!

photo 2

What a crazy year its been. I moved to Brooklyn, ran the New York City Half Marathon, and was recently hired to help open Whole Foods Market-Brooklyn as its Community Liaison. Somewhere in between all of that Superstorm Sandy happened, I went rock climbing and hung out in Prospect Park, and met up with a bunch of friends from college. A guy named Jack asked me to be his girlfriend–probably because I baked him banana bread and brought him a slice on our first date. I went vegan for 28 days, read books, traveled for work, and went on vacation! Boca Raton for life.

I also started watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, which is strange and also probably not noteworthy, but nevertheless… so much to update you on! I know you’re out there reading this, Jeff Mindell.

For my birthday, my family came to one of my favorite local spots, Barboncino, for some great heirloom tomatoes and burrata, white bean pesto, and a slice (slices, really: margherita is always a winner and their clam pie is amazing).

photo 1 (1)

Over the past year I learned that keeping things simple is best, for me: reading a book, cooking an uncomplicated recipe, going for a walk. Holding Jack’s hand and really appreciating him, calling my mom. Always call your mom.

For my 24th year I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about myself, this cute borough I moved to, and finding more and more things that simply, make me happy.

Updates to come? I said that two posts ago and think (hope?) I mean it this time. Lots of good stuff to share.

Oh, and happy Labor Day Weekend!


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