Hello From Brooklyn

Hi there. Know what I hate? I mean REALLY dislike? When people don’t write in their blog for a while, and then profusely apologize in a post.

For example: so sorry! I’ve been super busy. Back to blogging… today!

Imma go ahead and skip all that. Hello from Brooklyn. Hello from the most comfortable bed in Brooklyn, to be exact (that would be my bed; thank you West Elm).

Now let’s talk Pop Tarts.

This morning I was listening to Z100– as all those born-and-raised in New York do– and they covered a story on how a woman (Latasha Renee) had her son arrested for stealing her Pop Tarts. Real life, folks.

Which brings me to Magpies. I don’t think they have a website (?) so check ’em out here. Pop Tarts for grown ups. Not that you can’t eat Pop Tarts as a grown up, just that these bad boys come in flavors like Spicy Pear. Think of a buttery, butter cookie + great jam + the cutest-colored icing slathered on top. Take your iPhone out. Gram it. Share with a friend who came to visit you in your grown up apartment, not realizing that she drove all the way to Brooklyn to eat a Pop Tart (thanks, Margot!).

Enjoy something delectable today.

photo (25)


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