An Ode to Shake Shack

Alright. Let’s talk about Shake Shack. Are you over it? Are you digging it? If it’s the former, lemme entertain you for a hot sec.

Shake Shack is delicious. The lines are long for a reason. Small menu done really well, featuring quality ingredients and idiosyncrasies at each location. Plus they’ve got frozen custard, which they use to make concretes with mix-ins like fried Belgian waffles. And caramelized cocoa nibs. So when my family decided to go to New Haven and left me up to the eats, Shake Shack’s brand new Have location was my first pick.

We went to Yale this weekend to visit my little bro, Blake. He goes to Yale for school, not for dog-walking or, like, frisbee-ing. You can read about him here, here, and here. (If cell biology gets you goin’, you can read his research here). He has a poster of Einstein in his dorm room; I had doughnuts.

After a day of walking around, I couldn’t wait to check out the new spot (tables are made from recycled Brooklyn bowling lanes!) and grab a bite (‘Shroom burger and fries!).

I was miraculously still hungover dehydrated from the night before, and this was everything I needed. I’ve never been on a Sunday morning, but I bet the line at the flagship wraps around Madison Square Park more than usual.

My mom’s review of Shake Shack: “It’s a burger.”

There you go.


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