Last week I was in New Orleans with work for a team build. My vegan ways lasted all of three seconds when I was given this pulled pork stuffed baked potato (picture doesn’t do it justice– it was the size of my head). Couldn’t turn it down.

A few of us went to Delmonico our last night because my co-worker’s cousin is the Executive Sous Chef. He went out with us the night before and was a true trooper after running dinner service. The man can drink.

We grabbed some wine at the bar, took a seat, and food started coming our way. Fried Sausage Stuffed Olives (?!!) and Pancetta Wrapped Dates to start.

Then we each had a Crab Croquette and Bacalao Beignet (served with pickled okra!), plus Summer Gnocchi to share. The gnocchi was light and fluffy with some crunchy bite from slivered almonds.

We also got a beautiful charcuterie board of house-cured meats and pickled vegetables. Moving into entrees, we all tried the Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Fricassee and shared a super tender Bone-In Ribeye with Garlicky Fried Potatoes. The fricassee was incredibly savory and a great way for me to try shrimp heads for the first time, which were sort of amazing. So much food! Until…

Dessert is my favorite, favorite part of a meal so despite how full I was, I was crazy excited when they brought out a bunch of sweet bites. Cinnamon Beignets, Chocolate Cheesecake Bites and a Peach Trio, including a shot of Peach Sangria, a Peach Turnover and Peach Ice Cream topped with a wafer and surrounded by… peaches (duh). This was totally incredible and I probably could’ve snacked on those beignets for the rest of my life.

I’m back to my kale-eating ways, but this meal was too good to pass up. If you’re in NOLA, sit at the bar for some casual, small plates and exceptional service. The Peach Sangria was pretty killer, too.


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