Hi there and happy March! Hoping to be less of a blogging slacker this month (did a lot in February though). Last week I was able to head into work a bit later than usual, so my friend Kate and I went to Quintessence for lunch. This tiny restaurant serves organic, raw, vegan food with seriously bold flavor. I’d tried organic food, raw food and vegan food before, but this kinda seemed like the trifecta of health to me. Perfect lunch for a sunny day.

Kate ordered the Sesame Sea Salad (sea veggies with cucumer, tomato, sesame seeds and sesame dressing) and a side of Scallion “Cheese” (made from cashews, among other delicious things) with Veggie “Toast.” Kate had been before and suggested I order the Green Soup (kale, spinach, celery, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, sea salt and lemon juice), plus a side salad with seasame dressing and Butternut Garlic Bread.

Yes, those breads were raw. And they were awesome. You can’t really go wrong with the butternut squash and garlic combo. Or non-dairy cream cheese that legitimately tastes like the real deal. The sesame dressing was perfectly salty and delicious; I could’ve drank the stuff. As you can tell, I’d give Quintessence an A+ as my first organic, raw, vegan experience. Yum.

Check out that vibrant Green Soup!

Quintessence also offers dishes like Italian “Sausage” Pizza, The All American Burger (which a co-worker told me is unbelievably good), and desserts such as Tiramisu and Pecan Pie. All raw. I can’t seem to be able to skip dessert, so despite that filling meal I walked away with a Chocolate Shake (coconut water, dates, cocoa powder and avocado). Looking forward to recreating it at home!


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3 Responses to Quintessence

  1. Jeff Mindell says:

    Was it a cold soup? Looks/sounds awesome.

  2. Jeff Mindell says:

    Was this a cold soup? It looks/sounds awesome.

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