Northern Spy

Last week I had dinner at Northern Spy with my friend and instagram-ing photog Ariel. We’re both DC alumnae working in NYC and we’re not afriad to lift a fork when good food is involved. The restaurant’s exterior is pretty innocent, but when you walk inside you feel like you’re sitting in an Etsy shop. There are glass jars and low lighting and chalks and everything that would make drinking on a Monday night totally appropriate. $5 mulled wine, I’m in.

We started out with Caramelized Red Onion Flat Breads (two bucks!), which were fully cancelled out by a beautifully green Kale Salad… smothered in pecorino. There was delicata squash somewhere in there, too.

Squid and mussel ragout for the both of us for dinner. The squid wasn’t chewy at all and the navy beans led me to create my own white bean soup over the weekend.

Bread pudding for dessert. The dessert menu on their website says it’s Quince Bread Pudding but I feel like it was something else. Either way, it was great.

The cool thing about their website– and concept in general– is that you can scroll over certain menu items to find out where the ingredients are sourced. I really enjoy supporting a restaurant that’s consciously cooking off local food.

For my booze-loving friends, they’ve got happy hour from 4-6:30pm Monday-Friday and a pretty killer drink menu to boot!


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