Today I found a journal that I kept sporadically from 2003-2006; I say sporadically because I really only used it over the years to chronicle my messes and successes with boys. I read the thing cover to cover and realized a few things:

1-My goal weight in 2003 and my goal weight today are exactly the same. I’ve finally gotten my act together and will accomplish this goal in 2012.

2-I’ve defined a lot of who I am based on others’ (read: boys) opinions of me. Despite the fact that I graduated from college and have an incredible job, I think the energy spent on this has pulled me back from realizing my full potential as a human being.

3-I need to continue to keep a journal. Finding this today was one of the greatest and most motivational gifts I could’ve given myself.

4-I consistently went to sleep way past my intended ‘bedtime’ up until I started my job in May.

5-I’m pretty hilarious.

Noting all of this, plus the twists and turns of 2011, I’ve got some very specific goals for 2012. I’ll update these as I accomplish them on this page.

In the past week alone I’ve come to realize that I’m way more resourceful than I could have ever imagined, and have the most supportive family, co-workers, and group of friends. I also learned that I need to trust my instincts; they’re right on point.

Tying this all back to food, my goal for my family’s Hanukkah party was to make doughnuts. My cousins and I tried and failed. (Yes, my cousin Julia is wearing a “Happy Hanukkah” shirt. So were my aunt, uncle and cousin Jeremy. My family has a pretty good sense of humor.)

The oil was too hot. The doughnuts were too big. Jermey had the idea to form the dough into pretzels– some of which unraveled in the oil– and we ended up with funnel cake. Fry most anything and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar and it can be delicious. Lesson learned.

Wishing everyone the best for 2012!


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