Drinkable Wine at Laurel Lake Vineyards

You read correctly. Of course you can drink any wine you’d like. But some wines have that ‘drinkable’ quality that make you want to buy a bottle, immediately pop it open and chug relax. Last weekend Will and I headed out to Long Island Wine Country (a.k.a the North Fork of Long Island) to check out the scene (we’d never been!) and taste some wine (naturally).

Our first stop was to Laurel Lake Vineyards, which has an extremely relaxed setting and hosts an indoor bar where you can chose any 3 tastings for $7. Totally reasonable in general, but especially great considering that the guys behind the bar have a pretty heavy hand.

Since it was a few seconds passed noon when we arrived, I decided to keep things light. I ordered a tasting each of their Wind Song White, 2010 Riesling and Moscato. All 3 were sweet with notes of apple, honey and peach, respectively. All 3 were very drinkable.

Moscato is one of my favorites.

After enjoying a sip or two of Will’s smooth and fruity Wind Song Red, I knew that I needed to order a glass of the Wind Song Blush to even out the playing field. Surely enough it was the perfect floral wine to take outside and enjoy the vineyard view.

I brought home a bottle of Wind Song White and enjoyed it with my family that night with dinner. Any of the Wind Song wines make for an excellent crowd pleaser, and would be especially refreshing at an outdoor party.


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