Bobby’s Burger Palace

In honor of the series finale of “Entourage,” (which I haven’t seen yet so don’t let me know what happened!) today’s post is about my most recent date night with Will. I’m a member of Team Ari all the way, but we’d gone to Bobby’s Burger Palace about three years ago and have been itching to go back since.

The closest location to us is the Lake Grove, NY spot that’s attached to the Smith Haven Mall. It’s about an hour drive so we definitely split a Kind bar worked up an appetite on the way there. The thing I like about this location (I’m assuming every BBP is like this?) is that you order, take a seat and have your food delivered to you in about 10 minutes flat. The seating is communal (calling all People Watchers) but you can get away with something more private by sitting at one of the tables across from the large winding one that Will and I sat at.

The menu is super short and features a variety of burgers from which you can choose a turkey, chicken or beef base. There are also sides, salads, shakes and drinks to compliment your burger. In my book a small menu is indicative of good food and smart planning because it typically means that the back-of-house can be focused during crunch time.

Things become a bit more interesting with a variety of sauces (of which the Chipotle Sauce is my favorite), allowing you to mix and match on your burger and fries. I ordered a turkey L.A Burger: avocado relish, watercress, cheddar cheese and tomato, plus sweet potato fries.

Will got a turkey Dallas Burger: coleslaw, Monterey Jack, BBQ sauce and pickles, plus sweet potato fries (we like our fries; no sharing allowed) and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to wash it all down.

Both of our burgers were savory and delicious, and you can’t beat a sweet potato fry paired with horseradish sauce. The one buzz-kill of the night was that my beloved Cactus Pear Margarita came about 30 minutes too late. When it did arrive, though, it was like Barbie and Jimmy Buffett had joined forces to create something both potent and very, very pink.

Gentlemen beware: this drink is served on the Barbie Dreamboat. But as I’m sure someone must’ve once said, “Real men drink pink margaritas.” That’s what I think anyway because you can’t miss out on this perfectly textured frozen swirl. Maybe Flay’s next move should be a tequila joint?


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