Birch and Barley

I’m in need of some closure.

Right now I should be out with my college friends after having sat at Chef Geoff’s for serveral hours; Tuesdays are synonymous with all day happy hour at Geoff Tracy’s flagship establishment. Instead I’m in my room on Long Island watching “The Rachel Zoe Project” (no I’m not kidding) thinking about one of my last meals out in DC.

You might remember my friends Bridget and Alex from when we went to Occidental for Restaurant Week in January. While that dinner was delicious, dining with these two lovely ladies was made more fantastic when Bridget snagged us a seat at the Chef’s Table at Birch and Barley in May (anyone can reserve these seats; just call ahead). Her friend Mike is a chef at the restaurant, so we were able to watch him and the rest of the team prepare our meal right from our seats.

Unfortunately I got a new phone since May so I lost all of my notes from that night (doesn’t everyone take food notes?), but I do have a pretty keen memory when it comes to food. For example, I ate white pizza with spinach after I learned how to ride a bike when I was six. Anyway, Birch and Barley has since changed their menu, which gives you the perfect excuse to go check it out and then let me know how it was.

Back to our dinner. Two words: risotto balls.

What could be better than melty, bread crumb-ecrusted risotto and cute chef eye candy? A meat and cheese board that Birch and Barley is known for. On the house.

Plus carbohydrates in the form of apricot beer and a slew of breads.


Somehow I found room in my stomach for tagliatelle with beautifully braised rabbit as my entree.

Plus sides compliments of Chef Mike. Mac and Cheese with a Cheez-It-like topping on the left my friends.


Our fantastic dinner was finished off with their “Ants on a Log”– peanut butter cheesecake with celery sorbet (if I’m remembering correctly)– and a banana bacon concoction that would make you cry tears of joy. Plus an unphotographed banana beer.


Good food, good company. That’s what it’s all about. Just be sure to leave the skinny jeans and belts at home.


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