I’m a Big Girl Now

In the past week I’ve graduated from college, packed up the apartment that I lived in for over a year, moved home to Long Island… and got a job.

Before I entered American University four years ago I made a few goals. I wanted to have fun, make good friends and excel academically. My biggest goal, however, was that I wanted to know I had a job while sitting at my eventual graduation ceremony. Little did I know the economy would tank my sophomore year. Little did I know how competitive the marketing/public relations field would be.

I applied for a ton of jobs in the months of February and March and either never heard back, got a first round interview and not a second, or was told that they would need me to start “next week,” which I couldn’t do since I was still taking classes. It got a bit discouraging, and as May loomed I was really afraid that I wouldn’t accomplish that all-important job goal.

Like magic (with added fairy dust from my amazing aunt who works for WFM where many marketing jobs are listed internally), I got an email from Whole Foods Market last Monday, had a phone interview two days later and was asked back for a second round interview this Monday. I certainly didn’t have the job at my graduation ceremony (I was actually stressing about my second interview during it), but in the aftermath, I got pretty darn close. I went in yesterday to sign the papers and I am officially the Demo Specialist for a WFM store in Connecticut.

It’s totally surreal to have a job–especially one for a company I believe in and doing work that I know I’m going to love–and I can’t believe it happened this quickly. For all of my AU friends out there who are reading this who don’t yet have a job, you are all extremely talented and will have one soon, too. I’m excited to hear about all of the awesome things you’ll do.

When I was younger I used to think of how I’d be when I finally got a job, with high heels, lipstick and a fancy wardrobe. More recently, I’d think to myself things like,”If I get a job, I’ll buy myself a new bag.” Those things are fun, but right now I’m just really happy. It’s sort of insane to jump directly from being a student to a “real person,” but as a self-proclaimed Whole Foodie for the past four years, I think I’m ready.

Stay tuned.


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3 Responses to I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. Kenny says:

    So glad you’re doing well. Congratulations.

  2. yossi says:

    congratulations mel
    i get teary eyed just reading this
    reach for the stars , u will go far with your talent .
    it was a fun 4 years seeing rebs and you and all your au friends go from the new kids on the college block to amazing seniors .
    u did great and we are very proud of you !

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