Red Hook Lobster Pound

I am an extremely determined person. Especially when it comes to food. Especially when that food is fresh and warm and buttery and comes from a coveted truck.

A truck? What is she talking about. This girl certainly does not have a delectable life if she aspires to eat out of trucks. (I know, my parents think I’m crazy too).

If you’ll give me a moment to defend my case, though, here is the story of my journey to the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck.

Last Friday I was thinking about the days ahead. I had just finished my finals on Wednesday (woo!) and I wanted to plan out a fun and adventurous last week in DC. Naturally the first thing I thought of was food, so I checked out my handy-dandy food wish list for the spring of 2011. Most of the items had already been crossed off; Tackle Box, Pete’s Apizza, Baked and Wired. But one in particular stood out.

During my internship with a PR firm this semester in Farragut Square I saw a ton of food trucks. I usually opted for a store bought salad or sandwich in order to get back to work quickly, but there were some days that I wanted to wait in line for one truck in particular. Unfortunately, the line for the Red Hook Lobster Pound always wrapped around the square, which would leave me little time to pitch, tweet, news search and think. Dilemmas.

After a semester of craving an outstanding lobster roll I decided that I would get one on Sunday no matter where the Lobby Truck landed. I checked their Twitter account on Friday to see that they’d be at the Landon School’s Azalea Garden Festival in Bethesda. Bethesda is close, I thought. I would soon be on my way to lobster bliss. It would also be for a great cause; the proceeds from the annual festival go directly toward the scholarship fund for this private school for boys.

Sunday morning I woke up and Googled the Landon School to learn that it is a 35 minute walk from the Bethesda metro. It was just the adventure I needed for a Sunday afternoon– after all, finals were done and it wasn’t like I needed to apply for jobs or prepare to become a ‘real person’ or anything…

So I put on my sneakers, plugged in my iPod and went for a walk down Wilson Lane. I walked uphill, downhill, past people mowing their lawn and walking their dogs. It was like I lived in Bethesda, except I was an implant on a mission.

When I finally reached the Landon School and walked down the long field to the Information Tent, I had just six words for the two smiling moms who greeted me, “Hi, where is the lobster truck?” Within a second I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of a golf cart and being driven by a Landon dad through the school’s campus and directly to the truck.

I had reached my final destination and unlike those lunch hours in Farragut Square, there was only one person waiting in line.

I ordered my Maine lobster roll and went to sit down amidst families and festivities on a table covered with a pink plastic cloth. I shot about 20 pictures of the roll, texted Will, “This is the most random thing I’ve ever done. The lengths I’d go to for food,” and took my first bite.

Full pieces of lobster coated lightly in mayonnaise with bits of greens for crunch. It put every soggy, mayo-filled, not-really-lobster lobster roll I’ve ever had to shame.

The roll itself was toasted and tasted perfectly buttery to compliment the cool lobster inside. Needless to say, I’d highly recommend trying one. Even if it means going on a two hour adventure for a 20 minute bite, but I’m sure you can find the truck by an office near you.


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