Pete’s Apizza

I was a very happy girl on Tuesday night. After not eating bread for eight days (I was celebrating Passover), I had been counting down the hours until I would go to Pete’s for a slice of their New Haven Style Apizza. They do great community outreach, so I had tried their pizza before but I had never actually gone to their restaurant for dinner.

The way the restaurant works is that you go up to the pizza counter to order, you get a number and a server brings you your food. Bonus? The food comes really fast, which was extremely important for someone who had been craving a thin and crusty slice of pizza all week.

I started with a sort of untraditional slice; their New Haven. Simple and topped with local Chesapeake clams, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pecorino romano and a dusting of oregano.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’m a hungry girl. Factor that into the 25% discount given to American University students at their Friendship Heights location after 8pm, and that will lead you directly to a bowl of pasta. Fresh pasta. Dense, chewy pasta.

I cried a little.

Pete’s “My Mother’s Pasta Bolognese” was everything I imagined it to be (because you know I had been planning this meal in my head all week…). A hearty meat sauce that clung to the rigatoni but didn’t drown it, some bright basil and parmigiano-reggiano. I washed everything down with a pint of Sierra Nevada Summerfest.

Every great dinner should end with a great dessert. Between the beer and bread, I was pretty full so I wanted something refreshing. Enter orange cream gelato.

Like a creamsicle in gelato-form, it was a great way to end my bread feast! Check out their website to see their full menu (they also have salads and paninis!) and money-saving specials.


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