Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

Up until yesterday, I had never been to Freshfarm Market’s Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market. Weird, I know. After I got back from a semester of eating everything trying new foods in London last fall, I wanted to continue my fun culinary experiences here in DC. I was determined to go to the farmer’s market, but between homework, group meetings and my wish to stay in bed for forever on Sunday’s, I never made it out.

Boy am I glad things changed.

I got to the market around 11:30a.m. yesterday looking for brunch. The smell of seafood is no stranger to my nose, so I drifted directly toward the Chris’ Marketplace stand where I ordered a smoked salmon empanada. Anything with smoked salmon is appropriate brunch fare in my mind. This was salty, delicious and perfect to eat while walking around.

Empanada fillings included seafood from tilapia to crayfish, which I came back for on my way out of the market for brunch part two.

As I tore off the last piece of my empanada, I stumbled upon what was quite possibly my favorite find of the day; popping corn. I am a true popcorn addict, easily consuming a bag in one sitting– especially during finals– so this kernel-studded ear will definitely come in handy in the near future. I was told by the super-friendly woman who was running the Quaker Valley Orchards stand to place it in a brown paper bag and microwave for two minutes. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Next up, bread. I’m not talking just baguettes here. I’m not talking bagels, either (those should not be consumed outside of New York City proper or Long Island anyway, but that’s another story). I’m talking about a Rosemary Bun that was birthed from an entire, enormous round loaf at the Atwater’s stand. The loaf was baked so that it could be separated into buns, also known as a breakaway.

You know that I couldn’t leave their stand without picking up something sweet, so I got a Butternut Squash Walnut loaf, which is now just a slice on my kitchen counter.

My goal before going to the market was to pick up something that I had not yet tasted. There were a ton of fresh lettuces, cabbages and salad greens that caught my eye, but the mixes on the table at the Spring Valley Farm and Orchard stand looked especially interesting. Their Stir Fry Greens mix includes: red Russian kale, Swiss chard, red and green mustard, spinach and mixed Asian greens.

Doesn’t get much more beautiful than a big basket of greens.

Post-empanada I was in the mood for dessert, so I headed over to the Black Rock Orchard stand for fruit. I asked the woman behind the table to suggest some sweet and firm apples and she said I should try a Gold Rush (their most popular), Fiji or Nittany. I bought one of each.

And then I saw this Apple/Cherry Cider on the other side of their stand. Hello dessert. I’m saving the apples for snacks during the week.

When I got home last night I sautéed the Stir Fry Greens mix with Earth Balance and a large, sliced clove of garlic for eight minutes, just as they said I should at the stand, and also baked a yam that had been sitting on my counter for a while (otherwise I would have bought a root vegetable at the market!).

Add the Rosemary Bun with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and I had a simple and flavorful dinner.

From farm, to farmer’s market, to table. I’ll drink to that.

Pink lemonade from a Colombian Embassy lemonade stand to be exact. Another fun thing about going to the farmer’s market? The people! I met up with my friend John who treated our friend Alyssa and I to a cup of lemonade, and I also bumped into my friend Megan! It was a very fun day. Now it’s time to dream about seafood empandas.


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