Social Learning Summit: The Food

This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the Social Learning Summit at American University (you can check out all the action by taking a look at the #SLS11 feed on Twitter). Other than all of the new and exciting things that I learned about social media and what’s to come, I also got to experience lunch at two food trucks!

Day one was pretty gloomy but I stood outside–bright green raincoat and all–to try a bite from the PORC (@PORCmobile) truck.

The menu on Saturday featured BBQ sandwiches, a veggie sandwich and lamb sausage. I decided to roll with the sausage because I love lamb and don’t get to eat it nearly as much as I’d like. The fact that it was being served with a horseradish tzatziki sauce was a huge bonus.

This $6 sausage was delicious with a slight kick and true lamb flavor. Would have loved a side order of the horseradish sauce; mental note for next time!

I have a serious issue when it comes to chocolate, so when I saw that the truck served truffles I was in trouble. I wanted to order one of every flavor but decided instead to stick with the peanut butter chocolate. My thighs are thanking me today (…kind of).

The truffle was coated with decadent chocolate and had a nice, grainy texture on the inside thanks to the peanut butter. This was a fun treat, and I loved that it came on a stick– I couldn’t help but picture men in suits walking back to their offices in Farragut happily holding truffle sticks. Moving on.

Day two was sunny; I think the Food Truck heavens were listening (hopefully they are, the food trucks need help in order to stick around!). I had been wanting to try out the Big Cheese Truck (@bigcheesetruck) for a while now, so I headed right over after my morning panel to check out the cheeses.

Today’s menu featured sandwiches with Mt Tam Brie, St. Pat springtime cheese and Midnight Moon goat Gouda, and there were sheets on the counter explaining each Cowgirl Creamery cheese. I really like having the option to be educated on the food I’m about to eat; this was awesome!

I chose the Mt Fuji sandwich, which hosted Mt Tam brie, sliced Fuji apples and honey, all smothered in between two large slices of Lyon Bakery’s multigrain bread.

The finished product is freshly pressed to look like this:

I split it open and wept a bit:

This sandwich was perfectly gooey and I loved the multigrain because the seeds added a much-needed crunch! Could have used a few more apple slices, but overall I was a very happy girl.

Speaking of happy girls, a huge thank-you shout-out to my friend Jess for organizing the food trucks!

The AU campus also hosted the Eat Wonky (@eatwonky) truck and got a first look at the soon-to-be-opened BBQ Bus (@bbqbusdc) truck where my friend Kayden snagged a juicy pulled pork sandwich.

The conference was partially-sponsored by Pop Chips and after a weekend of stuffing my face with them, I’m currently debating whether or not I should break into the bag I brought home… it would mark my third for the day. They’re “never baked, never fried,” right?

Thanks AU Social Media Club for an enlightening and fulfilling weekend!


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