Breakfast, Lunch, Ballet

I have been a life-long lover of dance, but up until last Saturday I had never seen a professional ballet! Once my friend Bridget got word of this she acted quickly and got us tickets to see Protégés III at the Kennedy Center.

The performance was a showcase of the newest student talent from the Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet School, the New National Theatre of Tokyo, and the Julio Bocca Foundation Ballet Argentino. Four ballet schools in one day? I was certainly making up for lost time.

A dancer herself, Bridget was in charge of choosing the performance and I was tasked to find a spot for our pre-theater meal. I was looking for a place that would be easy to get to with quick service and simple, delicious food. 2Amys always delivers on all of these counts (they made my 10 Favorite Restaurants of 2010 list, too!), plus I really wanted to try one of their signature doughnuts!

Bridget and I started off our Saturday morning meal with “breakfast,” which for us meant a hearty potato frittata:

We quickly moved onto “lunch,” a Norcia Pizze featuring salami and grilled peppers, which we dutifully demolished:

And then it was finally time for the doughnuts I had been waiting for! 2Amys makes a tray of cinnamon doughnuts with accompanying doughnut holes every Saturday and Sunday morning, and once they’re out, they’re out. I was eying the doughnut tray throughout our entire breakfast/lunch, slowly watching them dissapear into the eager hands of kids and adults alike.

Just as it was time for us to order, I turned to face the tray only to find it depleted, no longer hosting a house-made dessert, but instead just crumbs and ciannamon dust. Defeated, I drowned my sorrows in an order of burrata, never getting the sweet treat I was looking for.


I bet that was the best joke you’ve read all day. Probably not better than Friday or Die or Hulu 1996, though.

OK, back to the food. Bridget and I actually did get two of the last doughnuts for the day! We ordered them to go so that we could eat them on our way to the Kennedy Center.

They were dense and bread-like, and reminded me a bit of the fresh doughnuts I had while abroad in London. This treat is just another reason to eat at 2Amys!

With breakfast, lunch and dessert under my belt (literally), I was able to take my mind off of food for a few hours and enjoy the ballet performance. Oh, and Bridget has every intention of becoming a Kennedy, so be sure to Google her in a few years.


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