Baked and Wired

The weather in D.C. last weekend was absolutely beautiful, making Saturday a perfect day to walk around Georgetown. Will came to visit for the weekend so we stretched our legs by walking up and down M Street and down to the waterfront…but not without making a stop along the way.

After working at Hello Cupcake for a semester, I know the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a bound-to-be cute cupcake taste great. Early wake up calls, a watchful eye and hard work are some components, but at Baked and Wired a little spunk goes a long way.

With clear skies comes a long line for sweet treats:

It was well worth the wait! Unlike most of D.C.’s cupcake shops, Baked and Wired offers not only cupcakes but also a slew of cookies and pies, plus a full coffee bar. The bakery’s artsy vibe can be attributed to a large seating area in the back where people come to eat, read and sip lattes. Plus a place that serves hippie crack (aka homegrown granola) has to be a little bit alternative.

Speaking of lattes…

I had my latte in cupcake form, a Chai Tea Latte cupcake to be exact. The vanilla cake is baked with chai spices and finished with a chai buttercream for just-enough-spice perfection. As you can see, these cupcakes are a bit larger than the usual suspects, making them perfect for those days when you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

Since my favorite coffeehouse drink was about to be consumed via cupcake, I also ordered an Early Grey tea. This was one of the best Earl Grey’s I’ve ever had! Serious bergamot flavor, nothing like the box-tasting Earl Grey’s I’m used to.

It was a lovely snack on a lovely day. I’m hoping to make it back sometime soon to try a slice of pie (or two!).


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3 Responses to Baked and Wired

  1. yossi says:

    yummmmm tell rebs shes taking us there sunday !!!!!

  2. Will says:

    The two bites of the cupcake I had was awesome!

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