GUEST POST – JShore Lovin’

Hey everyone!  This is Rebs, Melissa’s roommate!  So as the #1 Jersey Shore fan in the world (we’re talking about the show, not the actual shore) we thought it would only be appropriate that I guest-blog about our Jersey Shore-filled day in Miami!

Let me first tell you, Miami is just one big party!  There were sassy dancers everywhere, and almost everyone was walking around with a drink in hand (me included, of course)!  The first Jersey Shore attraction that we saw was the apartment/house that they stayed in, which was the Metropole.  Now, being that I live only a few blocks away from JWOWW at home (yes I know, be jealous) I wasn’t all that impressed.  BUT – when we saw Moshi Moshi, which is the restaurant where the girls talked about writing Sammi the anonymous letter, I started getting pretty excited.  The excitement really hit the top when we went to Lecca Lecca, which is the gelato shop where the cast worked!

Okay so now I guess I have to write about the gelato that I got, considering this is a food blog and all, and I shouldn’t just keep ranting about my love for the Jersey Shore and all things JWoww.  Oh, and in case you have no clue who I am, this is me below!  No, I’m not usually that tan, and yes, I love being that tan.  I am from Long Island, after all.

So below is an up close picture of my delicious dulce de leche flavored gelato.  And let me just tell you, it was amazing!  Side note: please focus your attention on my pink nails, I did them myself.  So anyway, it wasn’t the typical caramelly (I know that’s not really a word) flavor that you expect.  In fact, it had a bit of a coffee flavor to it.  One word: AMAZE!  It was creamy, refreshing, and full of flavor.  Since I’m not good at describing food like Melissa is, that’s the extent of my food description.

So back to Jersey Shore!  This is a picture of Melissa and myself with Enzo, the owner of Lecca Lecca!  Meeting him was a big deal for me because he was on a bunch of the Jersey Shore episodes when they showed cast members at work at the shop.  He was so nice and seemed genuinely happy to talk to me, as I ranted to him about my love for Jersey Shore and, by association, his shop.

That day in Miami is one that I’m going to pass on to the grandkids sometime in the very distant future.  VERY distant.

Love you all!  Thanks for putting up with my crazy rant.



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One Response to GUEST POST – JShore Lovin’

  1. yossi says:

    neat !!!! nice nails too :))) xoxo

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