Spring Break

…is finally here! After all of this week’s midterms and general stress and cookie-inducing activities, I am leaving for Florida in three hours! I should probably get to sleep but I wanted to make sure that I had all of my work before I left. In less than 10 hours I’ll be laying on a lounge chair with my freshly-painted blue toes up in the air:

Actually, I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to really relax in the lounge chair sense tomorrow, but more about that on Monday. I’m spending Saturday and Sunday in Miami with my roommate, Rebecca and our friend, Allie. Then Rebecca and I are going to Jeff’s house for three days and my grandparent’s house for three days after that. I plan on having a ton of great food while I’m there and I’ll be sure to do a recap post or two on my favorite SoFla eats.

All of my clothes, electronics and toiletries are packed but my biggest concern when traveling are snacks (I can sense my parents laughing right now). I have my “food bag,” as Rebecca called it, on the counter and ready to go. It  contains two Pink Lady apples, three Larabars, a sleeve of Thin Mints (I ate the other sleeve during midterms. We won’t go into that.), a pouch of oatmeal and a bag of Back to Nature crackers to munch in Miami.

See you from sunny Florida!


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