Along with the celebratory theme for our anniversary, Will and I went to Redwood last Saturday night for dinner. I actually wanted to go there for Restaurant Week, but then I remembered that I’m a college student on a budget (my dad is smiling right now; he taught me well), and one restaurant week dinner would be enough for my wallet. Now that it’s February, though, all bets are off.

We started off with a bottle of Malbec to celebrate Will’s 23rd birthday (his birthday, our anniversary and Valentine’s day all fall within the same week, crazy!) and then ordered an Artisanal Cheese and Meat board. The menu hosts five cheeses and five meats to choose from, and you can opt to order all 10 for a ‘deluxe’ board.

We chose the prosciutto, bresaola and semi-firm sheep’s cheese for the board and it came with sliced green apple, apricot, a small dish of olives and onions and some delicious, crispy crostini.

This was a really wonderful way to start dinner. Each meat and cheese item is only $4, so for $12 you have a fun appetizer to share. I knew I’d be pretty full after the board so I just ordered a White Bean and Wild Mushroom Veggie Burger with a salad for dinner.

This burger sounds great and theory but was not very good. I thought that the white beans and mushrooms would be whizzed together in a food processor, but instead the mushrooms were just sliced, leaving awkward pieces of mushroom within the somewhat mushy burger. I had about four bites and then ate the whole salad. Will got a burger, which he said was delicious, and we ordered a side of whipped potatoes, which were smooth and buttery.

Pet peeve time: whenever I’m home from school for break I waitress at a local restaurant, so coming from my own personal experience our waiter was not a very good one. When taking our order he snapped his book shut after Will ordered his burger and I literally had to call him back to add on the whipped potatoes.

When he checked on us to refill our wine glasses he looked the other way, seeming like he’d rather be anywhere else. Finally, he didn’t ask me if there was anything wrong with my veggie burger as he picked up my plate to clear the table. If it were me I would have realized that the person did not enjoy their food and offered them something else. Actually, I would have realized this much earlier when coming to check on the table but he did not seem very interested in doing that. Pet peeve(s) over.

If I were to go back to Redwood, I would certainly make sure that I had a different waiter but I would also likely just order a larger cheese and meat board and make that my dinner. Have you ever been to a restaurant with relatively good food but bad service?


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2 Responses to Redwood

  1. Amanda says:

    yum! that little meat & cheese board looks delicious, I love things like that at restaurants! And Malbec is one of my favorite reds!

  2. The beginning the the meal was great! Le Pain Quotidien also does a really nice cheese board with amazing bread.

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