SEI Restaurant

Last Friday Will took me out to SEI restaurant to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. In all of the years we’ve been dating we’ve gone out for some pretty delicious food, but our favorite meals always happen to involve raw fish, white rice and seaweed. I was on the hunt for sushi housed in a fun atmosphere and I found it; Sei! And by that I mean I’d been thinking about going out to dinner at Sei since this summer, but who’s really keeping track?

We started off with an order of Wasabi Guacamole that came with crispy wonton chips. Avocado mashed with wasabi? Yes, please. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea; almost every table was scooping into the green stuff as an appetizer.

To drink I got a refreshing Asian Pear Sangria with pear vodka, vanilla, sparkling wine and pear puree. Will ordered the Liquid Wasabi with unfiltered sake, vodka, lime juice, habanero and ginger infused simple syrup. His drink was super smooth with a nice kick at the end. I would absolutely order either of those cocktails again.

Next we had a Snow White roll with eel, avocado and roasted apple. The roll itself was soft and almost melt-in-your mouth, but I couldn’t fully taste the apple. Still very good though.

We spied the table next to use biting into juicy-looking Kobe Sliders with tomato jam and tempura onion rings, and decided to try them for ourselves. The burgers themselves were in fact juicy and very tender but they needed something. Maybe a bit more tomato/vinegar flavor in the jam or some pickled cabbage?

Finally we had an order of the Sashimi Pizza, which is raw salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp (cooked), salmon roe and wasabi aioli all on a scallion pancake and topped with shredded seaweed. I know, I couldn’t really contain myself either. This dish was just smart. The pancake was cut into triangles like a pizza and the sharp shards of seaweed added a nice saltiness to the entire dish. This was our favorite bite of the night.

After all of that food we were pretty full, but Will knows me well enough after 5 years to know that my sweet tooth is larger than my head. Miso Orange Bread Pudding with Caramel Soy Ice Cream it was! The bread pudding was soft, chewy and sweet, and reminded me of the orange muffins I used to love to eat when I was little.

We had a great time eating dinner amongst a lively crowd, plenty of raw fish and inventive food and drink. This is certainly a spot you’ll want to check out, or perhaps go to with a charming date.


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