Co Co. Sala

On Saturday night I had the great pleasure of indulging in cheese and chocolate with some friends for Jeff Mindell’s birthday. See, Jeff’s 21st birthday fell on the same day as all of that snow did for would later be known as the beginning of the ‘snowpocalypse.’ Because he wasn’t able to celebrate his 21st in good form, we dubbed this birthday the first anniversary of his 21st, and because there can be no birthday without chocolate, we went to Co Co. Sala for dinner.

Co Co. Sala is known for adding chocolate to savory dishes and for thinking up creative, playful desserts. I started out my meal with a Creole Crabcake topped with a bit of chocolate and served with some creamy avocado slices. I always prefer one tall crabcake to smaller wide ones; more crab, less breadcrumb exterior.

Next I got up close and personal with an extremely decadent serving of Bacon Mac and Cheese. Yes, that is a chocolate-covered strip of bacon sprinkled with sea salt you see lounging across the gooeyness.

The portion was teeny tiny but would definitely be best shared for two because it was very rich. Bacon mac and cheese is all over menus these days but Co Co. Sala changed it up a bit by offering orecchiette pasta instead of an elbow noodle.

While I did enjoy the crabcake and mac and cheese, I was really holding out for dessert. The birthday boy got a very grown-up dessert plate called A Raspberry Affair.

The best part was the white chocolate and raspberry mouse heart; it tasted strangely like cake!

I ordered the Chocolate Onyx featuring a dark chocolate mousse square filled with salted caramel and supported by a brownie base (…I know).

The chocolate sorbet took all of the chocolate-ness a bit overboard for me, so I actually really appreciated the orange slice for a nice fruity break. The restaurant itself is cozy and romantic, a perfect spot for a date (cough, cough Valentine’s Day) or for dessert. Did I mention they inject shots of your choice of alcohol into chocolate cupcakes? I’ll wait while you make your reservation. They also have a chocolate shop next door to the restaurant where I will definitely be stopping in for a treat.


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4 Responses to Co Co. Sala

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  2. yossi says:

    wow!! the desseret looks so good i started licking the screen…..yummmmmm

  3. A Fan says:

    I don’t know what the problem is. Snowpocalypse is the best present ever

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