Ping Pong Dim Sum Chinese New Year Party

Ping Pong was at it again Thursday night throwing yet another fabulous party–this time to celebrate The Year of the Rabbit. As a former marketing intern for the restaurant I was able to snag an invite and finally kick back and relax during the party! The event was produced with help from Linda Roth Associates, who did an incredible job of getting a fun crowd into an equally fun atmosphere.

The restaurant’s black backdrop was enhanced with projected images of Chinese character-looking rabbits and pink and blue swirling lights. Of course there was also food and drink. Chefs at the dim sum bar were preparing tasty bites and doling out plump chicken pot stickers (all photos are from the Ping Pong Facebook page).

Other bites of the night included their vegetable spring roll, pork shu mai and fish spring roll. Toward the end of the party they kept our taste buds going with sweet apple and pineapple puffs; I’m a huge fan of any puff pasty will soft apple innards. They were delicious.

The space was set up with four drink stations: beer at the bar, Ping Pong’s signature Lychee and Roses Martini and Vanilla Chili Sidecars at the front and Absolut Wild Tea cocktails in the back. It was my first time trying the newly-introduced Absolut Wild Tea and it was very smooth; it was the liquid in their limited edition Boston bottle:

The Lychee and Roses Martini remains one of my favorite cocktails on their menu, made even more fun when you can watch the drink being prepared for you!

Amidst the upbeat music and fun eats, the party went into full swing with the beat of a drum and a flash of red. The Chinese New Year Dragon dance put everyone in the spirit, and Chinese astrology and fortune readings allowed guests to freely bounce around from room to room.

At the stroke of ten, the dining room turned into a dance floor featuring 90s beats, those tasty sweet puffs and a few fist pumps thrown in here and there. If The Year of the Rabbit is anything like that party, it’s sure to be a good one.


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2 Responses to Ping Pong Dim Sum Chinese New Year Party

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  2. A Fan says:

    Who is the guy in the eyeliner serving cocktails?

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