Snickety Snacks

I’m a huge snacker. My aunts call them snickety snacks, which I like because it makes them sound much cuter and more innocent than the many calories they’re worth. Calories well spent though, I say. Below are some of the snickety snicks I’m loving lately.

First up, medjool dates. For the love of all things soft, plump and juicy, don’t buy pitted dates! You will love them so much more with the pits, and they will stay fresher longer for more date-y lovin’. I like to eat dates with nectarines–or any stone fruit really–because the seeds remind me of the dates themselves. I also just love nectarines because they remind me of happy, sunny days (any D.C.-ers see the sun today? It was amazing!):

Next are these sassy Spanish cocktail nuts. Why sassy, you ask? Instead of your regular cocktail of cashews and raisins, this container is home to corn kernels, pistachios, largueta almonds, fava beans and chickpeas. All dried, all crunchy, all so, so delicious. I needed to hide these from myself last night. Unfortunately since I was doing the hiding I found them:

Last is my true and utter addiction of the moment which is this smooth chocolate hazelnut spread. I’ve drizzled it on sliced apples, added it to vanilla ice cream, mounded it on chocolate graham crackers and eaten it right off the spoon. Perfection in a jar:

What snacks are you loving right now?


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3 Responses to Snickety Snacks

  1. Lam-Chop says:

    Chocolate hazelnut spread with bananas in a sandwich! A perfect pick-me-up after a grueling day.

  2. A Fan says:

    Rye-Bread (not the jewish kind) with butter, liverpaste, and cucumber. A danish delicacy!

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