Cee Lo and Yo-ga

I’ve been having a great first weekend back in D.C.! First American University showed up the Westboro Baptist Church (I won’t link to their press release for the picket because it’s poorly written and legitimately absurd) by hosting a Lady Gaga dance party to the tunes of On a Sensual Note:

And serving up Bible-quote-clad hot chocolate cups amongst booths for poster-making and equality information-giving:

AU fully supported the student body’s counter-protest and the turnout made me really proud to go to this university.

Sticking with the “F**k You” sentiment, Cee Lo Green came to perform on campus that night. He came onstage wearing an AU shirt and his all-female band wore AU tank tops; at the end of the concert he told the us that he’d see us in class on Monday:

The best way to describe his performance is slightly raunchy but generally fun. Did anyone see him last night on SNL?

On a more Zen note, I bought a 30 day Bikram yoga pass! I’m pretty excited about this and am planning on taking 3 classes per week over the next 4 weeks. My friend Tevis also signed up for the pass, which means I really will have to take the classes! At the end of the 30 days I’ll write a post talking about what I learned and if I noticed any changes.

Other great things that happened this weekend included booking a spring break trip with my friends to Florida, seeing my AKPsi little (a little is your mentee starting during their pledge process) Cierra after 8 months apart, eating salmon for the first time in about 3 weeks (I mean…) and scheming about what restaurant to visit during D.C. Restaurant Week!

I have a good feeling about this semester. More fun things ahead.


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