Korean BBQ Taco

You read correctly my friends. Tonight I went to the launch party for California Tortilla’s Korean BBQ Taco, which took place at one of my favorite D.C. bars, Iron Horse. Some people swear by Cal Tort for a grab-and-go lunch, others have their 21st birthday dinner there (cough cough, Will) and still others probably go for an order of nachos after a long night out.

Today is a bit of a game changer in the world of Cal Tort because instead of black beans and rice their new Korean-style taco features kimchi and sesame seeds. My friend Jeff (all photos were taken by him; check out his website) and I checked in, grabbed a pint of Winterhook Winter Ale and then headed toward the tacos.

Super savory and salty these tacos are strangely (but smartly) topped with sweet chopped tomato and then a sprinkling of scallion. You’ll want to grab a napkin for these as the BBQ sauce will drip out the end (they also come in burrito or bowl form which probably solves the mess), but what are tacos for if not fun eating? The marinated sirloin steak is delicious, but if your looking for a flavorful veggie taco and your store accommodates, I bet it would taste great with rice instead of steak.

I finished everything off with a sweet Woodchuck Cider and some fun conversation. Cal Tort is pretty awesome at communicating on Twitter, so if you’re interested check them out.

What’s the wildest taco you’ve ever tried?


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2 Responses to Korean BBQ Taco

  1. Will says:

    CalTor is a respectable place to eat for any occasion. (Excluding weddings and funerals.)

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