In a New York Minute

This week has been a total whirlwind. It felt like a month but went by in a second and I was able to squeeze in some good eats, too. I had the great opportunity of going on the NYC Trip with American University’s School of Communication and Kogod School of Business. The trip kicked off with a super informative presentation by Maggie Mistal and then a comedy show at Caroline’s on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday I was able to check out the Oprah poster-filled (I was in heaven) NY office of Discovery Communications and learn more about its many platforms. Next I got to hear from people in marketing and PR at Food Network and see its test kitchens (for the record, I almost passed out with joy) and was then able to listen to the charismatic and knowledgeable Michael Kempner, President, CEO and owner of MWW Group.

Day two started off at The Chocolate Factory, a.k.a. the Ogilvy building, where I saw a slew of 2010 commercials and heard about the agency’s 360 approach from a variety of Ogilvy-loving employees. The trip ended on an upbeat note at Nickelodeon where I was brought into a world where kids rule, the opportunities for fun are endless and the social media approach is cutting-edge.

Now for the food. Before the trip’s kickoff on Tuesday, I stopped by Felidia to have a snack with some of the people I worked for this summer. It was really fun to play catch up and eat some of those amazing chocolate cookies I’d been missing:

The next day I grabbed lunch at The Lobster Place and was happy to be joined by Jacquie! I munched soba noodles with seared tuna as we talked about good food and job hunting. Lunch was fresh, nutty and a bit spicy:

A ginger beer to keep with the spice theme:

I couldn’t leave the market without a treat from Amy’s Bread Basket on the way out, so I got this apple ‘doughnut’ and an apple cider. It was a perfect afternoon snack (a.k.a great to throw in my mouth on the subway between visits):

Last night I zipped over from Nickelodeon to get dinner with my friend Lauren at Simply Pasta, which is a fun and affordable spot for pre-theater food. I ordered the Rigatoni Siciliano, or wide rigatoni with tomato sauce, ricotta and eggplant. Next time I’d ask for less sauce; those beautiful pieces of rigatoni were drowning:

I had an awesome time learning, thinking, eating with friends and networking this week. If you go to American you should absolutely positively go on the 2012 trip (I can’t believe I’m saying 2012). The trip simultaneously made me more nervous and more excited for my life post-graduation, but I know that eventually everything will work out. Until then I have chocolate and pasta.


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