A Wonderful Town

New York, of course! Today I had my very first Christmas morning in Brooklyn (more on that on Monday) and on Wednesday I was in the city with my mom for dinner and a show. As much as I love the peace and quiet of nature (cough, cough, Maine), New York City is magical this time of year.

We started out the night at Dafni, a Greek restaurant in Time Square that I found after some serious Open Table research. To start I had avgolemono, the lemon counterpart to chicken soup, which was much richer than I was used to. Still very good though.

As we took turns dipping our pita bread into the soup and olive oil, my mom chatted up the table next to us. They had come into the city to see Spiderman only to get a call from their son during dinner that the show for that evening was canceled. My mom and I would later see people lined up outside the theater to exchange their tickets; I hope that all of the injured cast members are healing well and having a happy holiday.

Back to the food– I spied a plate of grilled salmon passing by when we entered the restaurant and ordered it as my entree with lemon potatoes. My mom opted for a comforting plate of pastichio, which is a lasagna-like dish filled with ground meat (pictured at the back):

While the salmon was crisp on the top and buttery on the inside, the steamed kale was totally under-seasoned and not drained, leaving my poor salmon swimming in a sea of water and kale juice. The lemon potatoes were the star of my plate and I topped them with this thick tzatziki:

You can’t leave a Greek restaurant without eating phyllo dough, so we split a flaky triangle of baklava and we were off to see “The Lion King” on Broadway!

I hated “The Lion King” movie when it came out because of the part where Mufasa dies, but after watching that darn commercial for the show over and over again, I put aside my better marketing senses and decided that I had to see it. The only problem was that my engineer father–who could tell you how much my mom spent on gold glitter in ’89–accidentally got us tickets for the matinee.

The person who helped us at the theater was super nice, didn’t treat us like idiots and actually sat us close to where we were supposed to have sat according to our afternoon tickets. All was forgotten in no time and the show was outstanding. Seriously, “The Lion King” is true entertainment with sets and costumes that ‘wow’ and a talented cast who can dance, sing, rawr and activate puppets all at once.

I’m crossing my fingers for no snow tomorrow so that I can head back into the city to meet up with my roommates for dinner at Becco. For now I’m off to sleep and I’ll see you soon with a Christmas re-cap!


p.s.- For those of you who follow me on Twitter, #dms is the hashtag I use for my hilarious, Twitter-less mom.

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One Response to A Wonderful Town

  1. A no longer anonymous fan says:

    I’ve still never seen the Lion King. Everyone (including you now) says it’s amazing.

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