Zen Meets Crazy

It’s really important to me to ‘stay on track’ while on break, so I got up early this morning and headed to the gym for a yoga class. After a semester of carrying a heavy backpack, I owed it to my back to do some deep stretching.

The class was not the best I’ve ever taken–it was more meditation than movement–but it was nice to start the day off with a clear mind. My zen state got a little crazy when I set off to run some errands two weeks before Christmas. An hour’s worth of exchanging pants, going food shopping and picking up sneakers to wear to work took three hours thanks to long lines and packed parking lots.

I was pretty determined to end the afternoon on a good note so I picked up lunch at my favorite health food store, Jandi’s. I got an apple, carrot, beet and kale juice and a Raw King Crimson Burger, which is made of sweet potatoes, walnuts, beets, red onions, flax, garlic, dulse and miso:

The burger was too mushy for me so I added some pita chips and carrots to my plate for added crunch. The juice was fantastic as always, and I finished everything off with a Choco Oat Berry Cookie:

Check out those awesome ingredients! The fresh raspberries in this cookie are like little sweet spurts of jam and make it taste just healthy enough not to count it as dessert… I’ll save that for later. Jandi’s also sells the most amazing jam-filled thumbprint cookies, which are also made with hearty spelt flour.

My day got crazy again once my mom came home from shopping and started talking about holiday sales, Oprah, tongue (as in the cow’s tongue that was leftover in our freezer from our Hanukkah party), and the fact that I need to wear more bronzer. I’m pale, what can I say? Hopefully the night will get a little less crazy as I’m going out to dinner with Will. Be back tomorrow with a ginormous salad recipe.


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