Hi everyone! I’m back on Long Island for winter break and headed to the restaurant where I waitress in a bit, but I wanted to share my last D.C. lunch with you. Yesterday my roommate Tina and I went to Tynan for brunch, which turned into lunch and was delicious. Since my taste buds went from craving a sweet waffle to something savory, I opted for what I thought would be the saltiest bite; the lentil burger.

While waiting for the burger I got a small Tea Breeze made with green tea, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and seltzer. Just like it’s namesake, it did taste strangely like a cocktail and was super refreshing:

I always eat with my eyes first, so I was happy to see the burger perched in between a nice, hearty bun. The burger had a spicy kick due to the gram masala that it was seasoned with and was also really creamy. Lettuce added crunch and those chopped tomatoes and onion freshened everything up without the use of ketchup:

After lunch we went to Whole Foods so that Tina could get some groceries and I could get dinner for the plane (baked apple slices, spinach, sliced chicken and gouda on whole wheat bread, it was delicious). I can never walk into that beautiful store without picking up something sweet so I got a small bag of these whimsical candy balls; green tea balls with caramel inside, chocolate with caramel inside and… get ready for this… white chocolate with gingerbread inside. A. ma. zing:

I was somehow able to save half of the bag for my brother. Self-control is a magical thing. Anyway, I’m off to work but will be updating with recipes throughout the month now that I finally have time to cook! Who is watching the Barbara Walters interview with Oprah tonight? Thank the lord for DVR.


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