Ketchup and Latkes Don’t Mix

Last night my roommates and I made a very late Hanukkah dinner to enjoy with some latke newbies. If you’ve never had a latke before, they are basically shredded potatoes that are formed into cakes and then fried in oil. Potatoes and oil are just meant to be best friends. We doubled this Epicurious latke recipe and added in about half a cup of all-purpose flour to the mix to help things stick a bit better. They looked delicious frying in the pan, but there was a problem.

Latkes are traditionally served with sour cream and applesauce. That’s the way I’ve always eaten them, mostly with applesauce but sometimes switching between the two to dial up more flavors. It might sound like a good idea to add some ketchup into the mix due to a latke’s resemblance to hash browns, but that’s just not kosher. Our friends really wanted to try them with ketchup, so I had to forgo the woes of the Jewish mother inside of me and let it be. They tried them with ketchup, but I’d like to think that they liked them better with more traditional dippers.

We served the latkes with super garlicky broccoli, cranberry relish (cranberry sauce with canned pineapple and mandarin orange) and a beautiful chicken baked with garlic, carrots, onion, orange slices and a variety of spices:

Moral of the story: when eating latkes, skip the urge to dip in the red stuff. I promise your taste buds will be in fried potato heaven. Now I’m off to Chef Geoff’s for a farewell dinner and drinks with my friends! See you from Long Island!


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One Response to Ketchup and Latkes Don’t Mix

  1. mindy waxman says:

    very nice mel, BTW i did eat them with applesauce:)

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