Lunch Fit for a Kid

I’m leaving D.C. on Wednesday to go home for the semester and all I’ve got left in my fridge are spelt tortillas, tomatillo salsa, cherry soy yogurt, almond butter, mixed berry jam, one egg and gouda cheese. Seeing this, lunch could have gone two ways; sweet or savory. I was in the mood for a cheerful lunch amidst the finals gloom so I went with sweet.

I slathered half of a spelt tortilla with almond butter and jam, folded it over and grilled it in a pan on medium for about two minutes on each side. For sides I had ‘chips’ (aka a sliced pink lady apple) and ‘guacamole’ (aka cherry soy yogurt). This was the first time I had ever had AB&J quesadilla-style and it was nice and crunchy. So cute, so sweet, so pink:

What a fun lunch this would have been for 5-year-old Melissa. OK, it was still fun for 21-year-old Melissa. Can you drink wine with AB&J? I kid… but really.


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2 Responses to Lunch Fit for a Kid

  1. A fan says:

    All I have in my fridge is an edible arrangement

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