I’m still on my Maine kick so I figured I would bring you all a little holiday cheer from Portland. In the midst of some low-key Black Friday shopping, my Aunt Barbara took my mom and I into a store named Vervacious. They sell all sorts of handcrafted rubs and spices, but we were stopping in to sample some of their balsamic drizzles. With a little spoon in hand I tasted the Oprah-acclaimed (you know I love Oprah) Chocolate Balsamic Drizzle and then wept with joy after tasting their Rachael Ray-acclaimed Espresso Balsamic Drizzle:

It was the perfect amount of thickness, deep in flavor due to the espresso but still just sweet enough that it would stand out atop a skirt steak. The brand’s co-owner Heidi was very nice and gave us a quick walk around the store to show off some of the products. All of their products are housed in an interesting glass container like the one, above and she told us that customers save their glasses once empty as a host for flowers or flip them upside down to use as a tealight holder. Who doesn’t love something delicious and crafty?

After trying a small sample cup of their Espresso Cocoa, my mom and I decided to buy a Vanilla Cocoa (crowd-pleaser!), which I can’t wait to try when I come back home to NY in a week! Their website is running an online special right now and I think that any of their drizzles or cocoas would make for a beautifully festive gift for a foodie friend. Which product would you want to try?


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2 Responses to Vervacious

  1. rhonda says:

    I vote for the skirt steak!

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