Feasting in Maine

My family likes to eat… a lot. We bond over food, we stand and talk around food, it’s how we celebrate the holidays. Our Thanksgiving meal started out with some “snickety snacks” while my Aunt Barbara was busy buzzing around the kitchen. Fruit, cashews and shrimp cocktail to start:

Plus two oozing wheels of brie baked in puff pastry with cranberries and raisins, served with fig jam:

Before we knew it, the two stuffed turkey breasts were ready…

…and the tables were set:

I filled my plate with mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, traditional stuffing, cranberry relish, mashed yams, turkey and string beans:

I ate every last delicious, comforting bite. We relaxed a bit, and then started the eats up again with pumpkin and pecan pie, a soccer ball-sized caramel and chocolate covered apple, and an assortment of cookies and loaves.

After spending last Thanksgiving at an Italian restaurant while studying abroad in London, I am very thankful to have spent this Thanksgiving with my family. I appreciate you all for supporting my wild eating habits and crazy ideas:


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4 Responses to Feasting in Maine

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  2. rhonda says:

    All looks delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Smiths!
    The Pavels had barbque smoked turkey with all the fixings and even Hilary and Melanie both loved it!~

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