Food Should Taste Good

I was never the type of kid to snack on milk and cookies after school, so snack time in my neck of the woods is a bit of production. I like eating chopped up cucumber with extra virgin olive oil, berries and nuts, sliced banana with almond butter, the list goes on. Considering these snacking habits, I don’t usually eat crackers or chips alone. Whip out some hummus, refried beans or tabouli for dipping and I’m your girl.

This changed recently, however, when I decided to take a leap of faith in trying a new version of my favorite tortilla chips. The Food Should Taste Good brand was introduced to me by my Aunt Barbara last year who told me I just had to try their olive chips. Those are delicious, as are the multigrain chips, and both are absolutely perfect with a heap of tomatillo salsa. I’ve been buying both of these for a while now, but this week I figured it was time to try a new type of chip (they have a ton of flavors, including chocolate!).

I picked up their The Works chip, which is generously studded with poppy and caraway seeds and loaded with onion and garlic flavor. How could I not be in love?

If you’ve never had caraway seeds before, they taste like fennel (or black licorice), but you don’t need to be fully invested in that flavor to enjoy these chips; everything blends together to form new flavors. Amazing.

The good thing about these chips is that you won’t eat the whole bag in one sitting because you’ll likely be slowly savoring them (don’t hold me to that). These chips can definitely be enjoyed alone, but today I paired mine with a nice slice of almost-equally-pungent bleu cheese:

Oh, the joys of snacking. I’ve finished that beautiful plate above (plus some papaya) but am already thinking of dinner. Typical.


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2 Responses to Food Should Taste Good

  1. William says:

    Try the Sweet Potato Chips… delectable.

  2. Sounds delectable– save me some over Thanksgiving break!

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