Dollar Tree and a Family Affair

I came home to Long Island this weekend to find no “Welcome Home Melissa” sign on my front door (my mom said that I don’t get one if I’ve seen her within the month), but very excited to be able to see my family and boyfriend, Will. I’ve been slacking a bit on the Debbie-mentions on this blog, so I asked my mom for an inspirational quote to share with my readers.

In true Debbie fashion, however; instead of answering my question, she ushered me into our newly re-designed bathroom to show me her new toothbrush. This new toothbrush was housed in a container that she bought at Dollar Tree, “for a dollar:”

If you ever come to Long Island and want a meet-and-greet with my mom, your best bet is to go to your nearest Dollar Tree where you’ll likely find her buying unnecessary items for a dollar. She will then tell you that everything in her arms cost just a dollar each, because it’s a dollar store (in case you didn’t already know). $87 dollars later, she will have bought everything in sight, befriended the cashier and gotten a free hair clip for her patronage.

After she beckoned Will to come in for the remainder of this 15-minute bathroom tour, she whipped out this “rug that’s like an Ugg” and urged both of us to feel it for ourselves:

After being directed toward every speck of turquoise in the bathroom in order to fully understand the color palate, I was off to get my nails done for my cousin Carly’s Bat Mitzvah. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony where a boy or girl, respectively, usually aged 12 or 13 (my mom had her’s as an adult), is called to the Torah, reads from it, and is afterward recognized as an adult in the Jewish community.

Will and I joyfully chaperoned all of Carly’s spirited friends from the Temple to the catering hall, and were very glad to find a nice, quiet place to sit outside during the cocktail hour:

Once the cocktail hour was over and I had sufficiently stuffed my face with little rice balls and eggplant rollatini, we entered the party room and found our table. Carly’s theme was “Where in the World is Carly?” so each table represented a different country or city. Will and I sat at the France table, which was happily not the “kid’s table” but instead the “young adults table” where I found a glass of champagne awaiting my arrival:

We rocked out to some Ke$ha and Usher, and then did the horah, which is a celebratory circle dance where the person (or people) being celebrated is raised up on a chair by his or her family (this is the same for Jewish weddings):

I have been to about 80 Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s in my day, but this one was particularly fun because I am no longer an awkward 12-year-old angrily eating chicken nuggets while wishing I could have the adult’s choice of salmon or steak. It was also fun because I got to hang out with my big, loud family for the day! I’m happy to be going back home again for Thanksgiving next week, where I’m sure my mom will whip out some new Dollar Tree find. Stay tuned.


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3 Responses to Dollar Tree and a Family Affair

  1. mindy waxman says:

    mel, it was great to see you this weekend and share in this fun time together. you are a beautiful girl and will is just soo sweet!! you both looked fantastic and im glad we had time to spent see each other. stay sweet and keep the blog going, its awesome!! love you to bunches mindy xxoo :))))

  2. RHONDA says:

    You’re obviously describing the tourqouise in the picture.
    enjoyed the blog!

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