Cilantro and Lime

There is nothing in this world like coming home to the intense smells of cilantro and lime. The smell of this fruit and herb together mean only good things to come, and for me last night those good things were made by my friend Marisol. Marisol came to visit for the weekend (she is also my roommate’s Big in their sorority), and to thank us for letting her crash she made a beautiful Nicaraguan meal. The pleasure was ours, really, because this dinner was intensely flavorful and made by hand.

From the fresh corn tortillas to the pico de gallo, I nearly passed out when I came home sweaty from teaching Zumba to find Marisol and Tina in the kitchen. I jumped in the shower, set the table and we were ready to roll. In addition to the tortillas and salsa, Marisol also made some black beans with white onion and unbelievable marinated pork.

The pork had been sitting in a mixture of fresh lime juice, cilantro, garlic, paprika and adobo for an hour before being in emerged into a hot, oiled pan. The pork was savory and crisp on the outside but incredibly tender on the inside. Dressed with circles of purple and white onion, it was as visually appealing as it was appetizing:

I piled up the eats on my plate, balanced them out with a salty Corona and then topped everything with the pico de gallo:

By the end of dinner I was very full but very, very happy; thank you again, Marisol! After having both homemade Nicaraguan and Korean food within the span of one week, I think it’s time for me to try making some more interesting dinners (as I defrost my chicken sausage for tomorrow…). Really though, I see some sort of dutch oven action in the near future.


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