Korean Night

Tuesday night was pretty epic food-wise. My friend Julia promised last year that she would make me and my friends Jeff and Rebecca a Korean dinner before she graduated. Since she is graduating in December, she made the whole event Facebook official and we were all on-board and ready to eat some fermented foods.

I had never had authentic Korean food before, so I was very excited to say the least. We hung out with Julia’s roommate’s two puppies while she cooked and everything was ready in 15 minutes flat. We started out with pancakes made with kimchi:

They tasted like an Asian-version of a latke, so you know I was all about that. Next up was bibimbap, which is rice and eggs served in a stone bowl with an array of vegetables. Julia made hers with spinach, beansprouts, gosari, and mixed it all up with sesame oil and chilli paste. The hot bowl created a flavorful paella-like crust from the rice:

With the bibimbap came a pan of pre-seasoned beef, mushrooms, green onions and onions, served with romaine lettuce and sesame leaves. We each made our own wraps with the meat and some short grain rice. The sesame leaves were my favorite part of my entire meal because they had a really unique and earthy taste, and it was nice to wrap everything up in something light as opposed to the crunchier romaine:

Everything was so delicious, I can’t wait to try more Korean food! Has anyone tried Korean food before or are looking to try some?


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