Anchovy Love

I ate my very first anchovies a couple of years ago layered within a Caesar salad and shared with my grandpa. Anchovy paste is typically used to add its unique saltiness to Caesar dressing, but the small fish themselves add a pungently savory taste and soft texture to a dish. I’ve also had them on pizza, which I think adds a whole new level of flavor to an already-delicious combination of tomato and cheese.

Last night for dinner I made whole wheat lumaconi with chopped onion, garlic, spinach and zucchini. I cooked the pasta and vegetables separately and then combined everything in a baking dish, sprinkled it with a layer of feta cheese and baked it in the oven on 300 for about 25 minutes. Ribbed pasta such as this is just screaming for flavor to seep into the grooves, so I added three or so torn anchovy fillets to my plate. Three is plenty because these salted and preserved little fish offer an enormous layer of salty flavor.

I literally threw this dish together based off of my end-of-the-week vegetables, and you could certainly substitute any of the vegetables for steamed peppers, eggplant or seasonal squash. Be sure to use a hearty pasta with the anchovies so that they don’t overpower the dish and you will have a simple but flavorful dinner on your hands.


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