Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was especially happy because Will came to visit! In the almost-five years since we’ve been dating we have never been together on Halloween.

We started the festivities off yesterday at Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity. My favorite part was seeing all of the hilarious signs people made to mock the more extreme signs typically seen at rallies:

It was difficult to see since the big screens were up near the stage, so some people took to interesting measures to catch a glimpse:

While I couldn’t fully see them, it was entertaining to hear Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert speak in person. They play really well off of one another and did a great job of pointing out how ridiculous some current claims are about our president and certain ethnic groups.

After walking around for an hour to try catch a cab (the lines were up the escalator just to get into the Metro), we were finally on our way back to my apartment and into our Halloween costumes! I went as a witch and Will went as a contestant on “The Price is Right”:

We went with our friends to Nightmare on M Street, which featured drink specials at 17 different bars on and around M Street in Dupont. It was so much fun! If you go next year, be sure to get there by 8p.m. to avoid horrendous lines at the ticket check-in.

On another note, one year ago today I was coming back to London from fall break in Paris and Barcelona. Both cities were uniquely different and beautiful, but I miss being in London so much at this chilly time of year. I see some mulled wine in my future.


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