Rocks Glass

I love a drink in a rocks glass. Put a “girly” drink in a rocks glass for me and I’m yours. These glasses level the playing field in that girls who drink out of them are made instantly more masculine, and guys will drink pink drinks out of them simply because they’re not being served in some glass monstrosity. They fit perfectly in your hand, are very difficult to frill up with bright yellow umbrellas and can make any drink a classy one.

Over the weekend, I grabbed this guava margarita at the H Street Country Club and definitely spied some Giants-hating men sipping one as well:

LA’s best margarita’s from El Coyote served in rocks on the rocks:

Tequila and gin drinks at La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan:

Happy hour rail drinks made wonderful in a rocks glass at Cole’s in LA:

The next time you’re out, take a peek over the bar to see which glass your drink is going to be served in. You can never go wrong with a rocks glass, especially in a crowd.


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2 Responses to Rocks Glass

  1. Kayden says:

    It’s true that I feel better (and straighter) about my mixed drinks in an unadorned, heavy lowball. Is it appropriate to ask for a drink in a certain glass?

    • Great question– this depends on what kind of restaurant you’re at and whether or not you know the bartender. At the restaurant where I waitress at home on Long Island, I’ve had several men ask me for their drinks in a rocks glass as opposed to a martini glass or wine glass (which is how we serve frozen drinks), however; that restaurant does not keep tight inventory as a chain or corporate restaurant or bar might. If you think your server will give you a sour look for screwing with the inventory by asking for a shorter order, don’t go for it. Feel it out, and if you know the bartender it won’t hurt to ask.

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