Haunted Forest

I’m the type of person who gets nightmares often, so as you might guess, when I heard that my fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi co-ed business fraternity) was going to Markoff’s Haunted Forest, I had no intention of signing up. By some twist of fate, however, I found mysef packed into my friends car with a bag of Halloween candy in my lap singing the theme song to “That 70s Show,” on my way to the forest.

I was scared to say the least, but once we got there I was sort of put at ease. The whole “waiting area” before the walk in the forest is packed with wacky activities like jousting, face painting and an axe throw, and our fraternity got a private fire pit area so that we could make s’mores. Something about the orange Christmas lights, the apple cider and smell of firewood made me feel like I was back at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London.

I forgot about the looming forest walk as I made a s’more:

Had a short modeling session with my friend Adam and an axe that someone found lying in the woods (not joking):

And hung out with my friends:

Just when I thought I was safe, this woman dressed up as a witch came over to the pit and told us that it was time to go to the haunted forest. I was terrified. I spent most of the walk with my head huddled in my friend Morgan’s back, and when I did manage to open my eyes I was confronted by someone dressed up as some strange half-dead creature. I got out alive, but I wouldn’t go back in again. I would be up for another s’more though.


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2 Responses to Haunted Forest

  1. Emily says:

    I was talking about the Christmas village the entire time I was there!! We need to find something similar soon.

  2. Definitely! I’m sure there’s some sort of freshly-made doughnut/mulled wine festival at some point in time in Virginia.

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