Vegan Peanut Butter Blondies

I saw these PB blondies on Sweettater last month and almost broke my keyboard from drooling. Katie so kindly linked me to the delicious recipe, which you can find here. Like any good procrastinator, I bought the ingredients for the blondies the day or so after I got the recipe, but only just made them last night. I was motivated to make them yesterday because of a small dinner party that my roommate and I were hosting.

On the menu last night was brisket (made lovingly by my roommate’s mom), potatoes, asparagus, string beans, challah, wine, wine and wine.

They key with small gatherings like this is to keep it simple; don’t go overboard by making 20 different dishes or else you will be too busy prepping and serving to sit! The blondies were a satisfyingly salty way to end the meal, made perfect with a side of “Jersey Shore.”

I’m off to go to a haunted forest— more on that tomorrow!


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