Minty Fresh

No, I’m not talking about gum here (I actually don’t like gum, is that weird?). I’m talking about lamb sausages with rosemary, garlic and mint. I like buying sausages because they’re really cheap, they’re really easy to make and they’re a time-saver because all of the flavor is already incorporated.

Lamb is delicious by itself, but lamb and mint are a tried and true, pb&j-type combination; they just belong together. I made Near East lentil rice pilaf and sautéed zucchini to go with the sausage, and I could taste the mint through everything (in a good way). I love Near East’s rice products, but I especially like the lentil rice because it can be eaten as a meal by itself:

When I was in Los Angeles this summer I had minty green rice from Loteria at The Grove Farmer’s Market. It was absolutely delicious paired with shredded pork and zucchini succotash tacos:

I also love mojitos, and these from a bar in Barcelona are the best I’ve ever had:

Moral of the story? Mix it up with mint. Think minty mashed potatoes and peas, or chopped papaya and mango with ginger and mint.


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