Blue Moon

Hello from Long Island! I had a smooth trip home, and was able to fulfill my fish craving yesterday via flounder stuffed with feta cheese and spinach, and served with Greek-style rice and peas. Delicious.

This afternoon, Will and I went to a very charming restaurant called Blue Moon for lunch. Their simple menu of pizza (sold as whole pies only), paninis, salads and a small number of entrees is presented to you in the form of a table mat, and additional offerings for the day are sketched on chalkboards hanging on the wall. You feel instantly at home upon taking a seat, surrounded by red-and-white checkered tablecloths, dark wood furnishings, old images of unknown faces and Martini and Rossi advertisements:

I ordered the primavera panini with mozzarella cheese and Will ordered a chicken parmigiana panini, which came with a side of nearly-perfect marinara sauce. The panini’s were simple and flavorful, and I especially enjoyed the house-roasted peppers in mine:

I love eating at restaurants like this because they keep the food simple and make you feel warm and welcome all at the same time. Being in good company always helps, too.


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