Midterm Eats

This week is midterm week which means a) Sleep is not happening, b) I will be on Facebook more than ever and c) Packing snacks is the only way to go.

Will always makes fun of me for having snacks on me wherever I go, but I think he ends up appreciating it. Like the time I brought us a lobster roll to share on our way back from Montauk this summer:

Or the time I brought a Cinnamon Roll Larabar to The National’s game to split for dessert:

When you know you’re going to be on campus (or at work) for a whole day straight, it’s pretty essential to bring your own snacks, or else you’ll just end up eating candy all day (let’s forget about the fact that I did buy a pack of dark chocolate Reese’s…). Today I packed myself a vanilla Chobani yogurt with Bear Naked Granola to mix in (forgot to take a picture!), veggie sticks and a sliced apple with almond butter (pictures taken with my phone):

For dinner I decided to buy a sandwich at the deli on campus, but wasn’t in the mood to eat meat. My solution? Put almost every “side” on whole wheat bread: lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, sweet peppers and horseradish. It was really good except for the fact that the person who made the sandwich had definitely never eaten horseradish before; it was like they dumped a tub of it on top of my poor little lettuce. I awkwardly shook off the excess horseradish during my Brand Management class and happily ate my dinner while taking notes on Russian Standard vodka:

My professor gave me a very strange look while I discreetly snapped that photo, but it was all in the name of blogging. I hope that all of my fellow #auwonks make it out of midterm week with a healthy, snack-filled belly.


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