Teaching My First Zumba Classes

I was in hyper Zumba mode this week because I was asked by two sororities on campus to teach this weekend. I taught my first class yesterday morning and then the second one tonight and it felt great! It seemed like the girls had a lot of fun and that was my first priority for these classes.

When I choreographed the routine, I taught myself to start everything on the left foot so that when I was facing the class, they could do it on their right. This worked really well for the first class, but when I got to the second class I discovered that the room had floor to ceiling windows. Windows without shades at night=mirrors. I made a mental note to start everything on my right foot and it went pretty well!

I was extremely nervous Friday night and this afternoon, but I reminded myself that no one would have any idea if I messed up due to nerves as long as I kept moving. If you are also a new Zumba teacher, just remember that the whole point of the class is to move, sweat and have fun!

My friend Jeff came to the second class to snap some photos, and my roommates Tina (she is in the sorority that I taught the class for) and Rebecca were also there, which definitely helped me to loosen up. I had a lot of fun practicing the routine all week and teaching this weekend, but I am very excited to get back to the gym for a weights session tomorrow! Hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday night!


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