DC Magazine Anniversary Party

Modern Luxury Media’s DC offspring celebrated it’s 5th anniversary last night at PNC Place, and I was there on a mission to report the eats and drinks to you. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of those whip-out-your-camera-and-pose-with-the-food type of events, so these photos are from Revamp.

Pass-arounds included acorn-squash soup, pumpkin gnocchi, mini pitas stuffed with Greek salad, a squid amuse bouche and these truffle hamburgers, among others:

Catered by Ridgewells, these burgers and their soupy/gooey counterparts were a bit risky for an event featuring women in tight dresses and high heels, but somehow it worked and the serving trays moved seamlessly throughout the evening. There was also a chocolate bar hosting everything from the basic chocolate covered strawberry to the more romantic chocolate covered fig. I very sneakily snapped this photo (via my phone) of these savory ridged potato chips with chocolate drizzle:

My friends and I took an all-important drink tour around the space and stumbled upon margaritas and shots by Ambhar tequila, citrus-y mixed drinks from Kettle One and tastings of Johnnie Walker Gold and Blue Label:

Almost everything was orange for PNC (including whirling orange lights!) and their new building’s rooftop provided beautiful views of the National Mall and Farragut area. If good food and drink are any indication of good things to come, then I am very excited to see what’s in store for this magazine.


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