London Calling

This cool, brisk weather brings the best memories of London to mind. After spending 4 months in London last year, I have an association between that beautiful city and the fall. All I’m thinking about right now are freshly made doughnuts, mulled wine and drinking pints of Strongbow cider with friends at the pub. Maybe it was reading all of those “Harry Potter” books as a kid, but London in my eyes is a magical city. When walking from my flat to school or to the gym in the cold, I always got a cozy feeling inside.

For now I’ll just procrastinate homework by looking through my photos from London, but I am determined this month to find British drinks and fare in America’s capitol. I wish so badly that I were back in London right now, but perhaps I can bring a little bit of London to me. At the very least I’ll buy a pack of Strongbow.


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